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Retail / Leisure

Run down shops with chipping paint and leisure centres with an outdated design simply won’t suffice in the 21st century.

For a shop, outlet or leisure venue to successfully attract and retain customers, it needs to look the part and function at its optimum.

This is when Pier Construction can prove an invaluable asset for organisations operating within the retail/leisure industry. Over the years we have worked with numerous organisations and stakeholders and have created a strong presence in the retail/leisure sector.

The organisations we have worked with include some leading names in the industry, such as Crosby Lakeside Adventure Centre and Alsop Leisure Centre.

Meeting the end-user’s requirements

Here at Pier Construction, we appreciate the importance for leisure/retail companies to satisfy the end user. All of the work we carry out on a retail construction or maintenance project is therefore designed to satisfy the customer. Subsequently, we never fail to adhere to industry specific guidelines. Our industry leading performance and top quality customer service will ensure that your project is managed and delivered efficiently and always meets the end user’s needs.


As little disruption as possible

Whether it’s a reactive repair on a high street shop or a structural project on a large commercial building, Pier’s team of retail/leisure construction specialists recognise the importance to get the job done quickly and efficiently, so minimal disruption occurs during opening hours.

Get in touch with Pier Construction to discuss all your construction or maintenance requirements within the retail/leisure industry.