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Infrastructure / Transport

The efficient movement of people and goods is crucial to many aspects of our lives and to ensure local, regional and national economies remain competitive.

It’s easy to take the infrastructure and transport we rely on every day for granted, but in reality incredible effort, time and money goes into ensuring such networks remain running efficiently.

Pier Construction plays an important role in assisting with the smooth-running of the transport infrastructure in the North West. By delivering high quality comprehensive construction management and maintenance within the infrastructure and transport sectors, we help our clients deliver vital transport links and services and assist in the effective transport and infrastructure network we have become accustomed to.

Added value solutions

Pier Construction works on an ethos to use the experience and lessons we have learned from previous projects to the advantage of new projects and clients. We conduct a whole-life cycle cost analysis as well as an options appraisal so we can develop added value solutions to our clients. Consequently, we help our clients deliver vital transport links and buildings in a seamless and efficient manner.

Case study: Stoke Borough Council

One successful transport project the Pier Construction team was recently involved in, was the completion of Stoke Borough Council’s flagship new bus station. Stoke Council was delighted with the stylish and functional new bus station, and the lessons we learned for the project will be carried on into future transport-based projects.