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Pier Construction places great importance on delivering our Corporate Social Responsibilities.

We have developed a structured approach to delivering social, economic and environmental benefits to the communities in which we work.

Social benefit

We employ local people, in our offices and in our operations. We develop them, providing the means for personal advancement through in-house and college-based training.  Our apprenticeships and adult skills development is delivered in partnership. We target hard to reach groups in communities, ensuring equal opportunities to all who we employ. We have developed relationships with colleges and schools, providing time, finds and resources to improve employment skills through coaching and mentoring.

We are committed to high performance in health and safety to protect staff, customers and the public. Our Policy and Procedures, training and continuous improvement processes ensure we operate to the highest standards.

Economic Benefit

We maintain an integrated supply chain throughout the region, engaging with specialist businesses who bring their knowledge, skills and experience to our projects. They are all pre-qualified, having demonstrated their capacity, competence and experience through an evidence-based questionnaire and interview process. We organise ‘Meet the Buyer’ sessions to expand our supply chain, especially in new areas of operations. It ensures new partners understand our approach and performance standards in health and safety, quality assurance and customer care. We are able to explain our terms and conditions and describe our vision and values.

Meet the Buyer also introduces partners to our staff, and allows them to understand why we are meticulous in our preparation and approach

Environmental Performance

We plan our operations so as to minimise our environmental impacts. We are conscious of the need to conserve resources and ensure we mitigate through innovation.

We have an Environmental policy, organisational structure and Procedures to ensure we meet our aims. We train our staff and operatives in environmental awareness and insist our supply chain does the same. We look to engage with similar minded trade contractors who can work with us to deliver improvements.

We source and procure our materials and services from an accredited and responsible supply chain, and we audit our partners to verify their compliance. We have set environmental improvement targets to minimise both embodied carbon and carbon in use in our projects and our operations.

We minimise waste to landfill, targeting improvements through careful selection and use of resources by using whole-life techniques to maximise recycling and re-use.